The Conservancy

Welcome to the Kissena Corridor Park Conservancy website.

The Kissena Corridor Park Conservancy is a non-profit Parks advisory group that has been serving the Flushing, Queens community since 2006. We work with New York City Parks to maintain and develop the open spaces of Kissena Corridor Park for the public’s passive (self-directed) enjoyment. We engage neighborhood residents through park beautification projects, conservation efforts and public education.

Exciting things are happening in Kissena Corridor Park from Main Street to Kissena Boulevard. The native birch, oak and evergreen sassafras and sweetgum trees planted from 2007 to 2012 are beginning to provide a safe haven for Flushing’s indigenous wildlife once again. But more work is needed and your help is welcome.

Our goals and opportunities include:

  • Advocating and fund raising for the mediation garden
  • Advocating for pathways, lighting, benches and water features
  • Advocacy for bird watching trails
  • Joining the Evergreen Community Garden
  • Organizing events in the park
  • Volunteering for It’s My Park Cleanup and Volunteer Service projects

Please join us in a most rewarding adventure, one that benefits nature as well as our community, by becoming a member of the Kissena Corridor Park Conservancy.